Program: GS-2007A-Q-39

Title:New Horizons Mission Support: Joint Study of Jupiter's Anticyclonic Vortices and Aurorae
PI:Glenn S Orton
Co-I(s): Padma Yanamandra-Fisher, Kevin Baines, Leigh Fletcher, Amy Simon-Miller, Gordon Bjoraker, Randy Gladstone


We propose a thermal-infrared component to a campaign of support for the Jupiter encounter of the Pluto-bound New Horizons spacecraft early in 2007 (closest approach on February 28). (1) We will determine the response of the upper stratosphere to variations of Jupiter´┐Żs aurora and the correlation of neutral atmospheric phenomena with UV and X ray auroral emissions, which are also associated with an International Heliophysical Year study. (2) We will determine the thermal response of the atmosphere to dynamics and provide a vertical extension of the winds to be determined by the high spatial resolution near-infrared spectroscopy provided by the spacecraft.

Publications using this program's data