Program: GN-2017A-Q-33

Title:High resolution mapping of Jupiter's stratospheric-auroral interactions during the Juno mission
PI:James Sinclair
Co-I(s): Thomas Greathouse, Henrik Melin, Rohini Giles, Patrick Irwin, Leigh Fletcher, GLENN ORTON


Following a successful orbital insertion in July 2016, the Juno spacecraft is set to perform a unique set of measurements of Jupiter's external magnetospheric environment and the related auroral emission from the ionosphere at ultraviolet and near-infrared wavelengths. However, Juno has no mid-infrared instrument capable of sounding the jovian stratosphere in which a signifcant amount of auroral energy is imparted. Auroral processes are observed to modify the thermal structure and composition of the stratosphere however the exact mechanisms for this coupling are unknown. In order to study this phenomenon, during the rare opportunity presented by Juno, we propose to measure spectra of stratospheric emission using the TEXES instrument on Gemini. The high spatial resolution provided by Gemini and high spectral resolution provided by TEXES will provide a synergistic set of results for comparison with Juno's near-infrared and ultraviolet measurements of auroral emission in order to assess how such processes couple the stratosphere and ionosphere.

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