Program: GN-2017A-Q-19

Title:Wave Phenomena and Deep Plumes in Jupiter's Tropical Atmosphere
PI:Leigh Fletcher
Co-I(s): Thomas Greathouse, Henrik Melin, Patrick Irwin, James Sinclair, GLENN ORTON


TEXES spectral mapping (5-18 ┬Ám) of Jupiter's equatorial atmosphere will be used to determine the 3D structure of Jupiter's temperatures, composition and cloud opacity at a time of unprecedented scrutiny of the giant planet's atmosphere by the Juno mission. These data will (i) characterise the unique environmental conditions within plumes and hotspots in the northern equatorial belt, (ii) determine the nature of the wave patterns shaping Jupiter's tropics, and (iii) reveal the coupling of the upper troposphere to the deep sub-cloud dynamics diagnosed via near-concurrent radio and microwave observations.

Publications using this program's data