Program: GN-2017A-Q-10

Title:High-Resolution Mapping of Jupiter's Clouds in the Near-Infrared: Support for the Juno Mission
PI:Glenn Orton
Co-I(s): Thomas Momary, Michael Wong, Kevin Baines, Patrick Irwin, Leigh Fletcher, ANDREW STEPHENS, James Sinclair, IMKE DE PATER


Juno is in the process of making fundamental discoveries about the 3-dimensional climatology and electromagnetic environment of Jupiter. We propose to verify, optimize and extend Juno's scientific output by supplementing the spatial and spectral coverage of its payload, concentrating on support for its novel microwave (MWR) and near-infrared (JIRAM) instruments. We will image Jupiter over a range of methane and molecular-hydrogen absoprtion features to map the horizonal and vertical distribution of clouds at epochs that are contemporaneous with the scheduled passage of the Juno spacecraft in its close-in orbits at Jupiter. Images of Jupiter will be made at key times when the configuration of the Galilean satellites allow for AO-stablized imaging that is equivalent to ~250 km at Jupiter and the closest possible to JIRAM's spatial resolution on the order of 50km and the MWR's ~1000 km at closest approach to Jupiter.