About the Gemini Observatory Archive

The Gemini Observatory Archive was built at Gemini Observatory in 2014 and 2015 as a lower cost replacement for the Gemini Science Archive which was operated under contract.

The software was developed in house based on the FitsStorage software which had been developed previously as an internal data management tool. It makes heavy use of the AstroData module from the DRAGONS software written by the Gemini Science User Support Department.

Paul Hirst is the project manager and primary developer and developed the original FitsStorage software. Ricardo Cardenes was a software developer on the project. University of Victoria students Adam Paul and Petra Clementson worked on the project during their internships at Gemini. Maintenance and development are now handled by Oliver Oberdorf.

Current Status

This system is fully operational.

Raw data is being automatically ingested in near-real-time from both telescopes.

We are not aware of any major issues with the system, if you find a problem that is not listed below, please do report it in the Helpdesk under the topic "Gemini Observatory Archive".

Privacy Policy

Information We Collect

We collect basic information on web requests made to the GOA. This includes the active user, time, IP address, browser type, referrer, the URL accessed and the status and size of the response. This information helps us to maintain and improve the service for our users. This information is also shared in aggregated reports with NSF. Non-aggregated data is only shared within NOIRLab and our contractors.

We do not sell, rent or exchange this information to anyone outside of NOIRLab. We use this information only for the purpose of understanding how our resources are used and how they may be improved.


Cookies are used to track your session with the GOA. This is how you are able to login and have the website recognize you and grant access to your data.

Personal Information Stored

The GOA stores your full name and email address with your account information. Your email is used for interactions such as resetting forgotten passwords. Email addresses are also stored for any subscribed email notifications such as new data for a particular program ID.


If you have questions about this policy, or you have a privacy concern, please contact us at fitsdata@gemini.edu.

Known issues



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