About the Gemini Observatory Archive

The Gemini Observatory Archive was built at Gemini Observatory in 2014 and 2015 as a lower cost replacement for the Gemini Science Archive which was operated under contract.

The software was developed in house based on the FitsStorage software which had been developed previously as an internal data management tool. It makes heavy use of the AstroData module from the Gemini Python software written by the Gemini Data Processing Software Group.

Paul Hirst is the project manager and primary developer and developed the original FitsStorage software. Ricardo Cardenes is a software developer on the project. University of Victoria students Adam Paul and Petra Clementson worked on the project during their internships at Gemini.

Current Status

This system is fully operational.

Raw data is being automatically ingested in near-real-time from both telescopes.

We are not aware of any major issues with the system, if you find a problem that is not listed below, please do report it.

Recent Updates

Version 2017-1, released August 2017, introduced support for Science Program details, Publications, PI name and program title text searching.

Known issues